"It's an Inside Job" – Building Debug Features

Manipulate and interrogate your app on the fly to save time, and your sanity. Stop running one-off Gradle builds, and start compiling debug-only features right into your APK. You have complete control in debug builds, so learn how to use that to your advantage. I’ll show how you can change configurations on the fly, validate background work through custom logging and exporting features, manipulate locally stored data and SharedPreferences, and simulate push notifications.

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This pattern has been extremely helpful with the development and testing of Capital One Wallet. I’ll share examples of how we’ve leveraged this pattern and provide advice on what features created the most value.

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Sam Edwards

Sam is a Lead Android Engineer for Capital One Wallet. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has over 13 years of professional experience with full-stack development with Java and JavaScript. Check out http://handstandsam.com where he shares tips and tricks about Android and software development.