Google I/O 2017 Women in Android Panel

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Stacy Devino

Stacy is a recognized Intel Innovator, Six Sigma Blackbelt, GDG organizer, and is the Women Techmakers Lead for Dallas/Ft. Worth. She specializes in Android performance coding, stemming from a deep knowledge of the Android OS. You can usually find her helping people with their projects, as well as shooting the breeze with her fellow makers! #perfmatters

Caren Chang

Caren Chang studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley and has been around the Bay Area ever since. Previously she worked at companies such as Dreamworks and VSCO, and is currently helping build smart ovens at June. Her favorite part of Android development is working with custom views and animation.

Angella Derington

Angella Derington is a seasoned Android developer with a passion for creating experiences that delight the user in their simplicity and polish. In the last few years, she has been busy working on the Android apps for major retailers. When not building apps, Angella keeps herself busy with her two kids, dog, and two cats!

Nicolette Yadegar

Nicolette Yadegar is currently the Technical Lead for Support Engineering on Microsoft’s Yammer Android team. As Team Lead, she focuses on Performance and QA, while working on internal projects including upgrading/adding new libraries, adding fun features like GIF support, and refactoring efforts. Before that she worked at Microsoft on their IoT Innovation team and their Frameworks & Services team.

Britt Barak

Britt Barak (Moderator) is co-leading Android Academy TLV which is one of the largest and most active Android communities out there. Britt is also leading the Women Techmakers Israel community. She is on a mission of sharing knowledge and inspiring others. You can find her public speaking, mentoring and blogging on Android development.