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Working in tech can be both inspiring and discouraging–it can feel like everyone is working for the hottest new startup that will change the future as we know it. When your own job title is more generic, it can seem uncool by comparison. But there’s a flipside to working for bigger corporations–more traditional forms of tech employment can actually empower us to make a bigger impact on the causes that matter most to us. Virginia Roberts tells her tale of going from corporate jobs to indie entrepreneurship and back to corporate, including how her volunteer work has blossomed in a corporate environment. She’ll share ideas about how anyone can improve the world in meaningful ways, regardless of how you pay your bills!

Virginia Roberts

Virginia Roberts

Virginia Roberts went from independent entrepreneur to being a Microsoft Program Manager… and she LOVES it, because it allows her to be an even more effective advocate for diversity in tech. She’ll share how you can make a positive impact on the world through gainful employment even at not-so-indie companies, and how having a less hipster-cool day job can actually empower you to do more good in the world.