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VR Innovation for Swifters

VR Innovation for Swifters

Pixels, Process, and Passion

Rikke discusses her latest personal project and how she’s learned to fall in love with problems rather than a solutions.

Minimizing Decision Fatigue to Improve Team Productivity

Derek shares his personal experiences at Pivotal Labs on how to improve team efficiency by minimizing decision fatigue in Swift development

Why We Climb

A Swift engineer proposes that Bouldering is the best sport for fellow Swifters!

Startup Swift

In this talk I’ll share lessons learned over the past year picking up Swift while taking the VINA app from MVP to thousands of daily users

Ray Tsaihong: Swift Chatbots for Fun and Profit

How I built a chatbot in Swift to create a custom, personalized language learning tool to help me learn Japanese.

Architecting a Robust Color System with Swift

In this talk, we’ll discuss strategies for architecting a robust color system capable of scaling to projects of all sizes.

3D Touch: Bring Your Apps to a New Dimension

Learn about what 3D Touch APIs have to offer and best practices for using them. We’ll explore some cool examples of how to add 3D Touch.

Document Indexing and App Search in iOS

Learn how to use app indexing in Spotlight it to improve app accessibility and engagement!

The Two Sides of Writing Testable Code

Brandon explores the formal theory behind the two sides of testing: isolation of effects and surfacing of co-effects.

A Neatly Typed Message: Improving Code Readability

iOS developer Krzysztof Siejkowski discusses how to improve the readability of Swift code.

Lessons in Swift Error Handling and Resilience

Christopher covers lessons learned dealing with different error types in the app Line.

Tasting Tests at Cookpad

Kazuaki Matsuo gives you a ‘taste’ of how they have tested their iOS app at Cookpad to guarantee the quality of the app.

Building a Swift Web API

In this talk, I’m going to share my experiences building a Web API in Swift to power a one of our iOS applications.

Writing Your UI Swiftly

In this talk, we will explore how the structure and properties of the Swift Language make writing your application and UI code simpler.

Everything a Swift Dev Ever Wanted to Know About Machine Learning

This talk will present a fast, concrete, down-to-earth survey of machine learning, from the perspective of iOS & Swift.

Everyday Reactive

Agnes Vasarhelyi walks through some practical uses of reactive programming in app development, using examples from my daily experiences

Providing Better Feedback in Realtime Object Detection Apps

Shinichi explains how to provide better feedback in real-time object detection apps, using Wantedly People as an example.

Server-Side Swift Live Coding

Tatsuya Tobioka, inspired by, shows how he easily made a similar site with NSURL, thanks to Vapor and Bluemix!

Building Your Own Tools

The Artsy mobile team have multiple apps with Swift, but that is not the future of our applications.

Making Mock Objects More Useful

Jon Reid brings his background of writing the Objective-C library OCMockito and applies it to hand-made mocks in Swift.

Crafting Collaborative Apps with Realm

This talk introduces the open-source Realm Mobile Database and shows how Realm Mobile Platforms complete it with server-side components.

Isolating your Data Layer

In a truly layered architecture (MVVM, Viper, etc), the data layer should be relegated to it’s own layer - every other piece just wants the

Swift on Android: The Future of Cross-Platform Programming or White Whale?

Eric Wing gives you a conceptual understanding of how Swift works on Android and how you can use it

Swift's Pointy Bits: Unsafe Swift & Pointer Types

This talk will explore the ins and outs of Swift’s take on pointers: typed and raw pointers and buffers, implicit bridging and casting

The Safety of Unsafe Swift

The Swift unsafe APIs help you construct code that is highly readable and only unsafe where it has to be.

Scaling Open Source Communities

The different stages of open source projects, handling PRs and support at scale, and keeping innovating with a bigger user base.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sequence and Collection

Soroush Khanlou dives into Sequence, through a ‘LinkedList’ Implementation, and Collection, and its related protocol types.

Protocol Extensions: A History

A brief history of programming language features which permit code-sharing and code-reuse, leading up the protocol extensions in Swift 2.0.

Motivation-based Library Abstraction

Recently when confronting with programming challenges, Hiroki Kato decided to develop several libraries to resolve the problems he was fac…

How to be Invisible

On mobile especially, most products fall into one of two camps - minutes or dollars. Minutes can also be thought of as “digital crack” - t…


This talk will give you an overview on designing and developing for the new Apple TV. Learn about the tvOS UI components, available framew…

Building Women Who Code in Tokyo

For the past two years, Himi has been building the Women Who Code Community here in Tokyo: building community, building in code, and build…

Swift Compiler Integration in LLDB

Everyday debugging becomes even easier with advancements to LLDB and the swift compiler. Learn new tricks with the debugging console, hand…

Dive into Swift Ecosystem

Swift became a very popular programming language in this two years and is now open sourced. Its ecosystem should be growing day by day and…

Protocol-Oriented Programming in Networking

Protocol-Oriented Programming is a new concept introduced at WWDC 2015. This talk from try! Swift describes why Protocol-Oriented Programm…

Three Stories of Error Handling in Swift

Error handling is important to write safe code. In this talk from try! Swift, Yuta Koshizawa reviews the issues of error handling in Swift…

Advanced Image Processing with Core Image

Core Image is Apple’s framework for image processing and analysis. With over 170 built-in filters that can be used alone or together in co…

10 Ways to Get Designers in Your Swift Codebase

Getting designers working closely with developers has many benefits. In this talk from try! Swift, Helen…

Modern Core Data

Use Swift to breathe new life into old Objective-C APIs. In this talk from try! Swift, Daniel Eggert giv…

Live Design

We know and love code. But even code requires a bit of help from other disciplines to grab attention in the app store. In this talk, Maxim…

Keep Calm and Type Erase On

Just when you thought having unambiguous types was the one true way of Swift, it turns out that sometimes it is necessary to erase types. …

How to Train Your Swift: Examples of Computational Statistics in Swift

Swift’s ease of use and elegance of form make it perfect for math hobbyists looking to explore simple mathematical concepts. In this talk …

Advanced Graphics with Core Animation

Animation is one of the cornerstones of the UI experience on iOS, and thanks to the animation APIs in UIKit, it is incredibly easy. Howeve…

Table View Controllers in Swift

In this talk, we’ll look at how we can work with table view controllers in a more Swifty way…

Boundaries in Practice

One of the talks that Ayaka enjoyed watching is Boundaries by Gary Bernhardt. If yo…

Parser Combinators in Swift

Parser combinators are one of the most awesome functional techniques for parsing strings into trees, like constructing JSON. In this talk …

Prototyping Magic

When was the last time you used an app that felt surreal, or broke the laws of physics? With modern apps becoming flat and simple, apps th…

An Artsy Testing Tour

Artsy has four iOS applications; all of them are open source, and all of them take different approaches to testing. Why? Because different…

Hipster Swift

At a high level, Swift is amazing and brings so much to us developers to use on a daily basis. However, there are many little-known things…

Real World Mocking in Swift

Mocks allow us to write fast tests that do not mess with production data. Without OCMock, we will need to write our own mocks, but it does…

Practical Cross-Platform Swift

With Swift now available on non-Apple platforms, you can set your code free to roam beyond just your iOS app. In this presentation from [t…

Creating a Swift Library

Libraries are the future for sharing your code, but they’re also fraught with peril. Platforms, package managers and tests are all crucial…

Design of Everyday Swift

Don Norman’s “The Design of Everyday Things” is a classic design book, focused on the design of physical objects. Many of the principles t…

Contributing to Open Source Swift

Do you want to contribute to Swift? Not sure how or where to begin? It can be overwhelming! In this talk from the inaugural [try! Swift](h…

try! Swift Conference

Check out try! Swift Tokyo videos!